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Are random widths available with hardwood flooring?

Random width hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for many specific appearance options. They incorporate a variety of widths, as you might expect, for the best results in many spaces.

If you've never seen this layout in place, this is a great time to consider how they could serve you. And you'll want to know more to make a great selection when it's time to shop.

What is random width hardwood?

Random width floors mean that you use different widths in the same room to create the surface. Widths range from about two to five inches for wood floors with an exciting look.

Old-fashioned trends embrace this look

This trend originates in colonial styles that drew from local resources. Since manufacturing as we know it didn't exist, they made do with what they had.

Now the transition is coming back to create that historic home look. It's an excellent choice for renovating rustic features, especially with an earthy decor.

The same great benefits you're used to

Aside from appearance, this look caters to all the benefits you've heard about in this line. You'll get outstanding lifespans that reach 100 years or more.

You?ll get excellent durability with hardwood flooring, even in busy areas. Discuss your durability needs for the suitable species and sealant choices.

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