Enjoy the comfort that only carpet can bring

Enjoy the comfort that only carpet can bring

The softness and warmth of carpet beneath your feet is always a welcome amenity in a home. This soft surface flooring satisfies many needs - warm a basement floor, bring color and texture to a living room, and provide superior stain resistance for households that include pets, to name a few.

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design in Akron, OH, has that just-right style you're looking for.

Loop vs. cut pile styles

The loops sewn onto a carpet backing can be cut at the tips to create cut pile styles that tend to be softer underfoot than loop pile styles.

But keep in mind that short-loop carpeting is the most durable type of flooring since dirt stays near the surface where it's easy to remove. Therefore, place looped carpets in high-traffic or pet-friendly spaces.


The type of fiber used to construct carpeting is another factor determining how soft it will be to the touch. Naturally waterproof triexta, first introduced to consumers in 2009, is a soft fiber that is as tough and durable as perennial favorite nylon.

Polyester carpet, another fiber known for its softness and vibrant colors, is ideal for low-traffic spaces like bedrooms.


Padding, or underlayment, is placed beneath carpeting to comfort footsteps, but that's not the only reason its part of the installation process.

Most importantly, it keeps the underside of the carpet from rubbing against the bare floor, which ensures that your new flooring will wear well and enjoy a long lifespan. In addition, padding provides thermal and sound insulation.

Your area?s premier carpet store

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design installs carpet in Akron, OH, and nearby communities like Uniontown, Copley, Hartville, and North Canton, as well as more distant locations in Ohio and bordering states.

We are confident in the skills of our experienced installation team, and thus, we back every carpet installation with a lifetime warranty. Shop from home by scheduling a free virtual consultation today or visit our carpet store in Akron, OH.