Is ceramic tile flooring the best choice for a kitchen?

Is ceramic tile flooring the best choice for a kitchen?

Stain and scratch-resistant ceramic tile flooring have been commonly found in kitchens for centuries. Tile made of ceramic and porcelain, a type of ceramic, is chosen so often because it is practical and durable as well as attractive.

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Porcelain tile, composed of fine kaolin clay, is the most durable tile on the market today. Porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic, and while ceramic must be glazed to repel water, porcelain is naturally waterproof.

Ceramic tile flooring will serve you well for many years, but because of its makeup, porcelain tile is superior and, thus, worth the extra cost.

Good-looking tile flooring

Ceramic tile is made of coarse clay and then hardened in a kiln at a lower temperature than porcelain tile. As a result, you can often find ceramic tile in many solid colors and simple designs.

In contrast, porcelain tiles are more likely to depict colorful and complex designs that mimic other flooring types, like hardwood planks and stone tiles.


No hard scrubbing is required when you choose tile flooring, and you'll never need to worry about stains from pet accidents or ketchup, butter, and other typical 'kitchen spills.'

Mud and snow are easy to remove, too, and won't affect the look or longevity of the floor. Grout should be resealed after the sealant becomes worn down for optimum satisfaction.

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