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Should I match my cabinets and hardwood flooring?

Look for hardwood floors that compliment, rather than match, your kitchen cabinets. When designing a new kitchen, visit Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design in Akron, OH, where you can find a large selection of hardwood flooring from top companies like Mohawk, Shaw, and Karastan craft.

In addition, our design consultants can assist you with your kitchen upgrade.

Mix colors

Different wood shades provide a striking combination, so mixing and complementing woods is easy.

The lightest and darkest wood floors are the most popular now, so you can create a trendy kitchen by choosing a plank color from one end of the color spectrum and a cabinet color from the opposite end. A contrasting color scheme is one of many options, though.

Light shades

Light wood flooring and cabinet colors in smaller kitchens with plenty of natural light create a pleasing ambiance. Whether you have one large window in your kitchen or several smaller windows, these lighter colors will reflect the outside light.

Gray is a popular neutral color, and you may find that one of its many hues is an excellent alternative to perennial favorite white hues.

Dark shades

Dark kitchen floors and cabinets, along with the proper type and amount of artificial light, can be used to design a dramatic and moody kitchen with a high-end look.

Dark hardwood flooring, dark gray cabinets, and black countertops offer a dark look that balances a kitchen. In addition, a wood flooring layout pattern can enhance kitchen decor.

We can bring the hardwood flooring samples to your door!

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design installs hardwood floors in Akron, OH, as well as Uniontown, Copley, Hartville, and North Canton. In addition, we offer many other services, such as free in-home measurement.

Stop by our showroom in Akron today, or if it's more convenient, our mobile showroom can bring hardwood flooring samples to your home.