Is waxing necessary for luxury vinyl flooring?

Is waxing necessary for luxury vinyl flooring?

Gone are the days when scrubbing and waxing your floors was necessary to maintain a like-new look. Instead, luxury vinyl flooring features a low-maintenance surface that requires no more than routine sweeping and damp mopping, and occasional deep cleaning.

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Surface layer

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring have four layers, including the uppermost wear layer that protects the wood or tile image layer from stains and scratches.

If you choose a tile or plank with a thick wear layer, LVP and LVT flooring will be even more durable. So, opt for a style with a 20-mil wear layer that will withstand heavy foot traffic for 25 years or more.

Water tolerance

The best vinyl tiles and planks feature a waterproof core layer and a tough surface layer, and it's because of this LVP flooring layer you never need to worry about your new floor looking 'the worse for wear.'

In other words, it will never peel, buckle, or warp if exposed to liquid spills or water. In addition, while cleaning up water immediately is best, most brands tolerate standing water.


Top-quality luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, but damage to the subfloor may occur if water seeps beneath the planks and tiles. If you opt for a microfiber mop instead of a string mop when you clean, you won't need to worry about using excess water. For best results, mop with a mixture of warm water and luxury vinyl flooring cleaner, then warm water only, and finally, a dry mop.

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