Hard surface flooring


Thinking about hard surface flooring in Akron, OH for your home remodel?

Hard surface flooring in Akron, OH is durable and long-lasting, so why not consider it for your next home makeover? At Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design, we have a distinctive variety of hard surface flooring options that would look perfect in any residence, be it a bungalow, condo, or country cottage. As it is an extraordinarily versatile flooring material, hard surface flooring comes in a myriad of patterns, styles, colors, and even in natural looking stone or wood.

Hard surface flooring in Akron, OH: What's so special about it?

Hard surface flooring seems to have an endless list of advantages, but when we say it's tough, we mean it. Hard surface flooring has heavy-duty superficial layers and a thick, solid inner construction. As a result, it increases stability and minimizes slips and falls in high foot-traffic areas. Furthermore, hard flooring surfaces are simpler to clean and maintain. In the unlikely event that a section becomes damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced without altering the rest of the floor. However, when properly cared for, hard surface flooring can last a lifetime.



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Hard surface flooring: Pretty to look at, tough to beat

Hardwood, with its rustic charm and elegant looks, has always been a real crowd pleaser. It is not only attractive, but also equal parts durable, hard-wearing, and able to stand up to active workspaces and heavy foot-traffic. Premium-quality hardwood flooring that is properly kiln- dried, manufactured, and professionally installed can last for generations. Unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring in Akron, OH can be refinished as opposed to replaced, when your home needs an update.

Laminate flooring offers the appearance and feel of high-end stone or exotic wood at a mere fraction of the price. Cleaning and upkeep are relatively easy, thanks to its wear layer that protects from spills, scuffs, and stains. And, installation is a breeze, since the pieces just click together.

Find the hard surface flooring in Akron, OH that suits your needs

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is affordable, durable, stands up well to foot-traffic, and low- maintenance. It's also a low-cost flooring alternative that reduces noise and is comfortable under foot, typically a great selling point for homeowners with kids or pets. Available in a broad range of colors and patterns to match every decor imaginable, vinyl flooring also comes in a variety of life-like wood grains.

Come to Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design and check out the huge assortment of flooring samples to find out if hard surface flooring in Akron, OH is the right material for you. At Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design, we only offer the best brands and the highest quality materials in the industry. Get all the flooring information you'll need from our showroom experts and see if you fall in love with hard surface flooring.